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The Foster Success Group for Young Ladies

Empowering Young Ladies from Foster Care

Being separated from one's family and put in foster care or becoming homeless is a traumatic experience. Without healthy relationships with loving adults, the stress on young ladies can increase with time resulting in long-term negative consequences.


Young girls who have been in foster care or who have encountered youth homelessness often experience serious psychological, social, financial, and legal challenges that jeopardize their freedom.

SHE is an initiative founded by two amazing human beings who are working with community leaders to make a positive impact on the lives of young ladies living in the foster care system. Our trained advocates are willing to be the voices for young females currently in foster care and are ready to collaborate with others to change the system for the better.

To increase the possibility of success, we provide young ladies in foster care with the necessary guidance and skills to fulfill their goals by managing life documents, education, social skills, career preparation, counseling, empowerment, and integrating with strong role models in the community.


Our Mission

SHE is on a mission to empower young ladies in foster current and former foster youth who are transitioning to adulthood in the foster care system to successfully transition and progress out of the foster care system, to evolve as assets to society, and to become financially independent and self-sufficient women.

What We Do

Through one-to-one mentoring, we empower young females from foster care to connect, grow and succeed. SHE's mission is to empower young ladies of all, faiths, nationalities, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Our goal is to provide direction, opportunities, and resources to young ladies for them to become knowledgeable, informed, and self-assured decision-makers. SHE's purpose is to promote awareness in young ladies and assist them in making safe, realistic, and successful lifestyle decisions.

We aim to make young females feel good about themselves by developing their character, identity, personality, wisdom, and management qualities. Our plan offers a wide variety of individual and team-building activities, mentoring, coaching, performance, and exhibition opportunities in the field of performing arts (including fashion, acting, music, dance, and theatre) as well as the visual and literary arts (including self-published poetry, short fiction, and artwork). Although we are still in the early stages of our initiative, our target is to initiate an international offering of leadership courses, conferences, and scholarships.

Creating opportunities towards education, housing, and jobs for young ladies current or aging out of the foster care system.

We provide a variety of services to support young girls from foster care in overcoming the obstacles they come across on a daily basis. With our support, these young girls learn about their rights and learn how to live a life full of courage and determination to face any challenge that comes their way.

 Join SHE today to make a positive impact in the world!

Tranette Engram’s Story – President of SHE

Tranette Engram

President of SHE

Tranette is the Founder and President of SHE: The Foster Care Success Group for Young Ladies

On a purpose-driven path, Tranette Engram is bridging inspirational and practical strategies to uplift young women and girls who are aging out in the foster care system. Tranette is the Founder and President of the non-profit organization SHE: The Foster Care Success Group for Young Ladies.

Tranette Engram is a well-versed trainer, partnership development trainer, fundraiser, grants community engagement coordinator, program promoter, advocate and foster parent.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s in Criminology. With over 20 distinguished years promoting advocacy, education, and human rights, and serving as a servant leader and as a zealous speaker for more than 12 years she has worked diligently with non-profit organizations and lawmakers to eradicate human trafficking. Tranette Engram is a true mentor to non-profit directors throughout the community.

Creator of esteemed empowerment programs on personal development, her target audience builds confidence, resiliency and discipline. She knows how to create a spark that ignites a flame of hope. 

Inspired daily by her lifestyle transformation, Tranette Engram is a fighter who overcame many challenges that came her way. After suffering from two strokes that could have ended her life, she brought on the courage to rebuild her speech and hence, discovered a clear vision for her path after her recovery.

Understanding that her life’s calling extended beyond being a loving wife to her husband of 17 years and mother of two boys (now grown men), daughter-in-law, and a grandmother to a toddler who has expanded her capacity for love. 

With an ‘action-over-words’ persona, Tranette leaves nothing to chance when making a positive impact on young ladies. She creates youth empowerment programs that build esteem, resiliency and vision with a plan to excel. She is driven by her passion for uplifting others and paying it forward. 

 “I desire to help young females who see themselves as powerful individuals, no matter their circumstances, and want to promote SHE that crosses all boundaries and barriers through successful programs, outcomes, events and mentoring. My goal is to inspire young women to make the most of their personal and spiritual lives. I’m on a mission to positively impact young ladies living in foster care by providing them a safe haven, training and connecting them to resources to improve the quality of their lives.” 

Tranette has dedicated herself to underserved female youth and women. This important decision forced her to recover and restore her health, and strengthen her faith to pursue her life’s work. Today, she is a foster parent and caregiver to young women that are close to aging out of the foster care system.

Let’s go fast and far together

Every year thousands of young ladies, age out from the foster care system. These young females may live alone without support, guardianship, resources, or stable caring adult guidance. The estimated cost for taxpayers over time is about $300,000 per person on social costs.  

If we remain complicit the cost, $8 billion in taxpayer dollars, will remain a constant burden we all must bear. SHE takes this situation very seriously and personally and wants to take action.

Tranette is passionate about bringing unique perspectives, a sense of humor and professionalism to communities and boardrooms, and has successfully collaborated with a vast array of NON-PROFIT COLLABORATIONS including:

  • Central Florida Community Planning & Dev. Inc

  • Miracles Outreach CDC

  • Mentoring of Achievement, Leadership & Excellence (M.A.L.E.)

  • Bridges Ministries International, Inc. 

  • Mother of Minors (M.O.M)

  • Purple Up

  • Herman and Mary G. Allen Scholarships

  • The Gentlemen’s Course 

  • Youth for Human Rights

  • Drug-Free World

  • The Way to Happiness 

  • Children With A Vision

  • The Tini Girls 

  • Curvy Girls Who Brunch 

  • The McCrae House

Daniel’s Story – Vice President of SHE


Daniel Chaffman is a former Chief Warrant Officer of the U.S Army and an IT Network Manager. He has served in the military for more than 20 years. Due to his years of service in the U.S army and working as an IT manager he is in a capable position of designing, managing, and securing tactical and commercial communication infrastructures. 

Daniel was in charge of budgets in excess of $15 million and was commanding a team of more than 100 people. 

To date, Daniel continues working in the private sector as a cyber-security specialist, protecting the information security of extremely complicated networks. He has served and defended some of the most expensive and intensely classified cyber network infrastructures in the United States.

Apart from safeguarding network information security systems, Daniel is also motivated to protect some of the nation's most fragile assets - foster care's female youth who are aging out of the foster care system.

Daniel Chaffman Picture.jpg

Co-founder and President of SHE

Daniel is the Co-Founder and Vice President of SHE: The Foster Care Success Group for Young Ladies

Presently, there are nearly 26,000 youth in the foster care system aging out of the foster care system. SHE 's mission is to promote independence and increase the quality of life for young females by providing shared living accommodations, life and employability skills training, teaching financial literacy and fostering sustainability, and independence.

Daniel Chaffman is the dad of one daughter and a father figure to numerous girls. He claims that his bond with his daughter is what opened his eyes and motivated him to create and join SHE. He acknowledges the importance of positive interactions between fathers and their daughters in terms of their well-being, self-esteem and resilience.

According to Daniel, a young woman's relationship with her father has a profound influence on her opinion of men, relationship with God, and trust. Mentoring and role modeling are important to guide them to the right path. 

The Chaffman way

According to Daniel Chaffman, dads can have a positive impact on their daughters and the many other young girls by demonstrating their affection with affirming words. Dads that pray, spend time with their daughters and show affection, empower their daughters a lot.

“I know so many young females who struggle with ‘body image,'” he says, “and I go out of my way to praise and support their character.”

Modeling in Action

Daniel is a mentor and counselor for the youth. He takes his responsibilities seriously. It is as important to him as serving his country. He works with children who are often abused, rejected, and left without any guidance as they age out of the foster care system.  

Both Daniel Chaffman and Tranette Engram the founders of SHE, are already taking massive action to bring about a positive change they wish to see in the world of foster care.  

To learn more about SHE: The Foster Care Success Group for Young Ladies and how you may help support their mission contact us at



Together, we are eradicating human trafficking through awareness workshops.

Join Us: We are raising awareness about human trafficking and encourage our community, family, friends, and networks to get involved.

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